Instagram inspiration

I know I’ve been quiet on here but the photos have still been happening, just to a slightly different format and agenda.  I owe you wonderful followers so much for giving me the… Continue reading

taste of tropical 

Sun showers and balmy nights, air filled with chants, singing and laughter, days that topped up souls and nights that healed them… 

lunar beach

At the beach, there is a tendency to worship all that is sun-oriented, the heat, the bleached sand, the clear skies. And then, if you turn just a little, you spot something altogether… Continue reading

little tall

No matter how small you feel or are, you can always stand tall   


The remnants of a rain shower loiter on leaves, basking in the sun, nurturing veins underneath.

pretty souls


Love everything abundant, luscious, growing, reaching high…

on a theme

Up close, rounds and straights, beginnings and ends…

simply not cricket

No. Truly. He’s a grasshopper, according to google 🙂

home of homes

It would appear our home attracts other homes.

the guest

Peering intently into the undergrowth, I was irrelevant until close enough to possibly reach out and tap on the twitching tail painting warnings into the evening air. Mildly distracted from her prey, I… Continue reading


Gratitude is a beautiful thing.

up close

A telescope lets you focus on things up close and personal, to look at things from different angles, to peer at beautiful details…


Variety is what makes us all, maybe that’s why it lights us up when we see it around us…


Canopies for fairies, stools for sprites, whatever you were told they were, they grow still. Just to fascinate us or to shade the raindrops from the drying sun.

of sea and sand

I finally made it to the beach this summer, albeit to a slightly non-swimmer friendly bay. So as this country gears up for its National Day, here is a post dedicated to one… Continue reading

curves atop

From up here, you can see heritage and evolution, growth and preservation. From here, you can hear culture and history, the air abuzz with life and vigour.

snow like

Like snowflakes defying the heat, they radiate white and bright light into our world.


No matter how much you may feel the days roll into each other, there are signs it’s a brand new realm of possibilities. Each day, I walk through the park. Each day, I… Continue reading

you, galah

On the way back from a day in the water, the forest greeted us bathed in afternoon sun. And above our heads, showering pink confetti from the tree above, you sat. What a… Continue reading