no photos…but a letter

what it says

I’m doing what it says

Dearest WordPress folk,

I entered into WordPress really rather blindly, on a whimsy and nudged in by a few close friends. I didn’t come on here to make money, because I thought I had a vision to share or philosophies to teach. I came on here on my own little introverted journey – there are still many in my real world who don’t know I do this.

Having stepped in through the door, it took me a while for my eyes and ears to adjust, and then I saw all of you, this burgeoning community of passionate, supportive people. Each post you put into the ether falls into safe hands of caring readers and a growing sensibility of positivity, love and growth. Baby step after baby step, I have wandered in, nodded acknowledgement at the all beauty I’ve seen (there is some SERIOUS talent on here), shared smiles with some of you and extended friendship to a few.

Over the last week, a few of you have floored me. I’ve been sent back in my mind to being a little child sitting cross-legged on the floor of the assembly hall, praying fervently: ‘not me, not me, don’t bring any attention this way’. And now folks, I have to eat humble pie. For all the level-headedness and growth I like to think I am making, receiving awards has thrown me into utter panic. I LOVE seeing other people get them. But when I got nominated this week, I have questioned whether you meant to nominate me, whether I thought I could accept them, how to I explain what it means to me, how to extend the gesture on with grace and genuine praise to others. I’ve hidden from dealing with them and hesitated over approving the comments themselves. It’s a big, fat pie of humble and now I have to work out how to eat it with grace and decorum.

So here is my apology and how I’ll become a better person:

The crust –
To those of you who even visit long enough to read and click like. Thank you. It’s more than I ever thought would happen! In fact, I can admit that I panicked at my first like on each blog (the other blog) as I knew it meant people were reading!

The filling –
Oh boy, thank you to:
Tanumoy, for writing with an eloquence that I just have to sit back and admire. Thank you for being my first step on this mini journey.
Belinda, you write with a heart so large, I don’t know how it doesn’t beat you right back up onto your feet to make you dance. I love our connection, but you know that by now!
Shaun, for creating the award that I think sums this place up so well. Your tenacity, humour and posts may be more than some can handle, but you are what this land is all about. Long may it serve you well.

Washing it down –
I will post them and extend the love as soon I have the time to pass them on with meaning. I know that sounds daft, but I can publish posts in a few moments. I want my gift giving to have more behind them than that. In the meantime, thank you all for reminding me, day in day out, what we all have to offer are unique gifts.