little creatures

It’s officially been a year since I started blogging! Who knew…

I remember how scared I was before I hit ‘publish’ for the first time, how ‘naked’ it felt and wholly superficial. It’s felt far too presumptuous to assume that anything I took was worth putting out there, even if it was in the vast ether of blogs. Whilst I post with much less trepidation now, I appreciate every little interaction from you all more than ever. It was the support on this blog that allowed me to branch out into writing, and to meet some epically beautiful souls out there. So I add my voice to the chorus of gratitude that I read on here every day. It really is a phenomenal community to be a part of, no matter how little I contribute.

Here are some more recent friends I met as 2013 slid into 2014, as a way of saying thank you.