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on a theme

Up close, rounds and straights, beginnings and ends… Advertisements


Gratitude is a beautiful thing.


Variety is what makes us all, maybe that’s why it lights us up when we see it around us…


This is the place where fact and fiction come to live together, where past and future sit side by side. There’s a certain nostalgia imbued in the smell of old paper, flexed and… Continue reading


It’s lovely to find moments of stillness, even in the contrast, where there is always beauty to be found:

yellow balloons

As a follow on from the last post. I stood and snapped away at I knew not what, into the glancing gleam of the evening sun. I just that out there were some… Continue reading


It’s a beautifully tactile world in which we live. It’s all about how it feels to you.

Melbourne multicolour

I know it’s contentious, but I like some graffiti, in what I deem appropriate spaces. It’s all subjective, but I do. So here’s some I spotted in the Melbourne lane ways, plus a… Continue reading

shades of white

Just a little collection from the last month, a little window into peace and chaos and other juxtapositions.

heritage red

From the homeland, how nostalgic a colour can be!

in its ‘simplicity’

dot the I

Shapes I saw today because I’m opening up again. And how easy it is to see beauty when you do!

we’re being watched

We’re fascinating creatures to watch. You know that right?

Instagram fun

It’s amazing how certain apps embed themselves in language and consciousness almost virally. For years people have assumed that all my photos are ‘Instagram-ed’ shots, but I didn’t have an account for ages.… Continue reading

winter colouring

It’s that time of year again, when the ratio of tripod to tourist reaches an all-year high. Walking slows to mooching and no-one is actually looking at where they are going, rather to… Continue reading


Because I love the shapes in their simplicity:

all heart



When I was at uni, living in Halls as a fresher, I was serenaded most mornings for a semester. Whilst this may sound lovely to some, the honour was somewhat questionable. For the… Continue reading

storm swell

Not the best photography I’ve ever posted but I had to run back for my phone before the racing clouds ran past too fast. A few hours ago, I was lolling around in… Continue reading