to the horizon

Today was a little road trip up the coast getting ready for what promises to be a beautiful wedding. Stopover was at Tuggerah, a soul pit stop where the vista stretches for miles.… Continue reading

filter fun

A frivolous post of filtering fun. Nothing more, nothing less! Because sometimes it’s just good to look at things in different ways and still see beauty.

clouds hug trees

Clouds hug trees, they do. And from the front too:

round the House

It’s been a busy weekend but the sun and spirits were high. Salt water always brings happiness and today was no exception. Sitting on the Manly ferry under a cloudless sky, I got… Continue reading

shadow play

Last night was one of those beautiful balmy nights to sit out in. The air was still, the mood tranquil. The only thing moving apace were the Sydney ferries, bringing people for a… Continue reading

sentinel seagulls

Ibis flanked Breaking rank right Descended into a coup

building bridges

It was a relatively quiet weekend but we did a full circuit of Sydney yesterday. Sheltered from the baking heat outside, I snapped away from the car window as we completed the loop.… Continue reading

a turquoise summer

Yesterday brought us summer. One glorious day of summer with not a cloud in the sky and a little lilting breeze to make the warmth more gentle. These were taken at a meeting,… Continue reading

and so it goes

and so it goes that I could only get so close because it will never fly again. It was sad photographing it, but I’m glad that I could capture it before it went… Continue reading

cloud petals

So inbetween playing at domestic goddess and hostess with the mostess this weekend, it rained. You know, that lovely slightly-sideways rain that drenches half your party and not the others? In celebration of… Continue reading

palm off

On a day where the office aircon seems to have gone walkabout and the forecasts herald storms, I thought it best to pop up some lighter images. I love palms, from their rustles… Continue reading

everybody loves a little drama

…actually I hate drama. I prefer a calm, serene life where each day flows gently into the next (okay, with a sprinkling of adventure too). I’m very specific about the kind of drama… Continue reading

monochrome matching

In light of the lack of sun today, I’ve pulled together just a little collection of black and white twins – couplets of textures from the ground to the skies. (Yes, I know… Continue reading

the last raindrops

On a day as busy as today, it’s hard to remember how peaceful the morning was. So here’s my reminder, courtesy of some Snapseed oomph to get the pictures closer to my recollection.… Continue reading

a minute of Melbourne

It was a manic work trip but I managed to scramble some photos in amongst the seminars and occasions. Here’s a couple of the ‘highlights’ – hope you enjoy.

feet up

So it appears I’m slowly becoming an app addict, playing with new camera apps as I hear them recommended. How better to meander through a quiet hour at home after such a hectic… Continue reading

no-one’s watching

Well, it’s Friday once more and nearly the weekend. And what’s the secret to happiness? Apparently, dance like no-one’s watching. This one would be better with higher resolution, but what’s a girl to… Continue reading

simple something

This weekend was more exploration of my new surrounds. Lots to play with and lots of new challenges. But in all the tweaks and angles and textures, simplicity reigned.

what a difference a week makes

Blazing sun today, last week not so much. I may have got a little carried away waiting for a break in the clouds:

cut short

I’ve always been obsessed with beautiful old trees, maybe because I never really saw them as a kid. So here, I find it hysterical that the pecking order is telegraph pole and wires… Continue reading