It’s all natural

It was the first chance I’ve had to sit in the new garden and soak up the sun. These are just the first snaps I took. Advertisements

there’s always time for a coffee

I’ve always loved the story of the professor who teaches everyone that, no matter how full you think your life/ vessel is, there’s always time for a coffee with friends. In the story,… Continue reading

Sari and celebration

It was a wet and frantic weekend- much to do and see. But when the bedlam is associated with seeing two lovely friends getting married, it’s all worth it. This weekend, I remembered… Continue reading

Halfway ghostly

Well it’s Friday and that either means being full of self-satisfaction for making it this far through the week OR crawling towards the weekend. This man was racing for a bus that wasn’t… Continue reading

Always looking up

Well it’s the new year for some, nearly the new year for others and everyone is looking for optimism. And yet, some seem to be doing it a little hard at the minute.… Continue reading

Simple lines

The incessant rain is a little like the UK so I’ve been checking through my photos to make sure I am indeed still upside down. And here’s the sense check. When I got… Continue reading

Wet gums

It’s a cool and rainy Sunday with the rain making perfect white noise to a lazy day. Rain may stop some play but I love this tree in the neighbour’s place when it… Continue reading

From floor to ceiling

On a day like this frantic Friday, it’s always good to grab some perspective. And what better floor to provide than the floor of Customs House, reflecting the sky and housing a mini… Continue reading

the duck

As part of Sydney Festival, a duck bobbed in past a somewhat stubborn bridge. Since then, she’s brought many a smile. I reckon I need a bigger bath…

Light shines

It has kept me company for many a walk home whilst I was down, up, topsy turvy and just keeping on a straight line. May I find one just as majestic on the… Continue reading


Just a few of my favourites from the past either fab apps or due to fluke

all about the yellow

Sometimes yellow just seems to pop out at me

one day

Just saw this online and loved it. So I stole it!

Sketching My Way Through

I love the challenge of playing with a new app and seeing if it can do anything for me. Apparently this one is quite good fun! It’s free (which is what is so… Continue reading

Summer House

January saw pop-up eateries take over the Western Broadwalk at Sydney Opera House . Great vibe, food and just a couple of things to try to capture… It leaves soon and I hope… Continue reading