This is the place where fact and fiction come to live together, where past and future sit side by side. There’s a certain nostalgia imbued in the smell of old paper, flexed and… Continue reading


Even where it seems impossible, as we are pitched along trajectories over which it seems we have no control, we can hold strong to who and what we are in our own beauty.… Continue reading

the signs

Signs are everywhere, all around, always within gaze, in the city. What to do, what not to do, what to want, what to avoid. I rarely see them now. Perhaps that’s a sign?… Continue reading


It’s lovely to find moments of stillness, even in the contrast, where there is always beauty to be found:


In contrast to the last post, I also think there’s something special about the final blossom on the bush, the last tenacious flower in bloom.


All around us are reminders of abundance, natural and crafted, just waiting to be spotted…


As the sun lowers its heat over the land for another day, here’s a flashback to a breezier day in cooler climes, to a day when rainbow-coloured air brought magic to the onlookers.

typical beauty

I made a promise in WordPress-land to a beautiful woman and I am keeping my word. So here is a bug-free, creepy-crawly exempt post 😉 Here is the last sunset of 2014 instead,… Continue reading

bugs of Instagram

I know that it’s not everyone’s idea of beauty, but bugs tend to fascinate me: their little quirks and flares that make them unique from their cousins and other species. So here’s a… Continue reading

mynah minors

Noisily, they’ve fed around the spot I do yoga, sliding down branches and supping on water and flower sap.

boldly butterfly

On my final walk through the park today, my eyes were distracted before my feet. My head was turned and my legs followed suit. I didn’t wait for the classic open-wing shot, but… Continue reading

creatures of Instagram

During the silly season, things always get a little frenetic or frantic as the world suddenly tries to reconnect with their own personal universes of people. So amongst the crazy social rotation that… Continue reading

sprinkle some colour

A slightly frivolous post in that I don’t know if these are my favourite photos of all time, but they did make me think: When we are kids, everything is technicolour. As we… Continue reading

Calling Belinda – grab your passport

If you can’t get around the world, then the world shall come to you. As you love skies, here are my favourites from 2014, just for you. May they lighten the heart, ease… Continue reading

on a Sunday

It was a hot, tranquil day. Having been off for a while, the sun flexed his muscles once more and stretched across the horizon. The air was still, the neighbourhood quiet. Then it… Continue reading


In the flurry of a day, the melee of work and traffic and leisure, in amongst the registering and reacting to constant stimuli, we need an oasis. Still life. Just for a second.… Continue reading

on a wire

Just a simple shot from today, a reminder that, no matter how slender the perch, you can choose your viewpoint and your neighbour.


You’ll know by now that I’m partial to petals. They fascinate me…

washed, not dried

We’re in a humid phase, sun rays slowly sullied by rain clouds most evenings to give way to showery nights. Each morning, we rise to gardens refreshed and cleaned, ready to receive the… Continue reading

yellow balloons

As a follow on from the last post. I stood and snapped away at I knew not what, into the glancing gleam of the evening sun. I just that out there were some… Continue reading