Friday feeling

It’s as though, after the cloud of mourning that has descended over some of Australia this week, nature feels like she needs to remind us of our blessings. It’s an evening of sailing… Continue reading

Batman Lane

I’ve always loved the names of places, ever since Bangladesh, when I was at the age when a place name actually meant something to me. At first, the fascination was over the sounds:… Continue reading

showing off

Have you ever noticed how much she shows off. No noise, just silent flamboyance, waiting to catch your eye and giggle, saying ‘Oh this? I just kinda threw it together one day’!

doors and windows

Doors and windows tell you a lot about intention and character. They dictate the level of accessibility and welcome, of community and of purpose…

Christmas and colours

Yep, the twinkling lights and the sprinkling of festive cheer via repetitive carols have established themselves once again. Tis that time of year. But, re-adjusting to Christmases in hot climes means that I… Continue reading

of trees

When I grow up, I want to be a tree…

out of their element

It’s funny, but when something’s out of its element, it’s hard for it to truly shine. Instead, it looks a little forlorn and adrift…


It’s a beautifully tactile world in which we live. It’s all about how it feels to you.

Melbourne multicolour

I know it’s contentious, but I like some graffiti, in what I deem appropriate spaces. It’s all subjective, but I do. So here’s some I spotted in the Melbourne lane ways, plus a… Continue reading


Everywhere you look, there is beauty to be seen, reminding us too to flourish. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it for as many times as I see things like this:

shades of white

Just a little collection from the last month, a little window into peace and chaos and other juxtapositions.

white, wicket, fence

It was a day spent in glorious sunshine and room to spread. Amongst the cheers of ‘go the white’ and the silences as the white then flew over stands into parkland, I snapped… Continue reading

blur | edge

Just loving the contrast of what a phone can capture. The ibis leapt down at the last minute, the shot a complete fluke. Milo, the resident dog at an office, on the other… Continue reading

to the fuel

Not only does it keep us alive but it reminds us each day how beautifully varied our world is, how diversity co-exists and nurtures us happily.

a goose of a tale

It was a tranquil afternoon, the heat of the late sun accompanied by the gentle clatter of tea cup on saucer and the odd knife scrape into the jam pot. They sauntered in… Continue reading

Constable country

There are some lands which are magical. You know they create art in each generation. They are places that carry their own energy. If we’re lucky, the vistas are captured well by someone… Continue reading


One way to tell if something in life is aged… It’s a little wonky, doesn’t adhere to the same structures as the mainstream systems.

Cambridge casuals

To the place in which I’ve lived the longest, that gave me my lucky number and taught me all the swear words but not all of their meanings…. the place that gave me… Continue reading

swanning around

Everywhere we went, so followed grace. On fields and in water, it glided by alone or in families, and each time I couldn’t resist but tried to capture the moment.

point up

Architecture can be inspiring, urging us to aspire to higher and brighter things. See what I mean…?