welcome party

In a tranquil long weekend, time was spent outside reconnecting to Australian soil and sun. And as if to greet me, here were my new friends: Advertisements

wall art

I’ve always loved some graffiti, when there’s a story to tell or a chapter to mark. But in this trip, I noticed more little notes, moments carved in time (somewhat literally) into bell… Continue reading

heritage red

From the homeland, how nostalgic a colour can be!


As the UK slides gently towards autumn, reds, oranges and golds caught my eye from the ground too.

moody red

When it’s raining somewhat incessantly, my eyes seek the bright. They search for colour, in tone, in event or in saturation. They wander for contrast. So here’s what they found.

broken and abandoned

We braved the conditions this evening to march through the park through the gusts and the raindrops. As we leant through the wind, our path was paved with victims of the weather, abandoned… Continue reading

wet look

For the first time in a while, the house was surrounded by the sound of raindrops last night. And as the Supermoon still carved light rays through the cloud cover, you could hear… Continue reading

best friends

It would appear, that if the day is right, man’s best friend accompanies me on my way to work and keeps me company when there.

in its ‘simplicity’

have a little heart

Just sharing how I started my day. May it allow us to share smiles.


I’m a little behind, but here’s a little evening sunshine bouncing off a radiant strawberry to be reflected in the bubbles shared amongst wonderful company. Here’s to appreciating the little beauties brought to… Continue reading

winter sun

The sun casts long shadows and plays amongst the fluffy clouds. She shines through crisp air and retires early over hills, making way for the full moon to take centre stage.

dot the I

Shapes I saw today because I’m opening up again. And how easy it is to see beauty when you do!

in metaphor

The loves in my life bring me the very variety that makes this world so glorious, each in their own stage of beauty and bloom, getting ready to do it all again when… Continue reading

we’re being watched

We’re fascinating creatures to watch. You know that right?

for beauty-full Belinda

Because she’s cheeky enough to ask and I love her too much to decline.


My little rays of sunshine just outside the door.

midday magnolia

They’re slowly emerging in the winter sun. As the furry casings drop to the ground, the fragile whites reach for the streaming sun to coax them open into flowers.

Instagram fun

It’s amazing how certain apps embed themselves in language and consciousness almost virally. For years people have assumed that all my photos are ‘Instagram-ed’ shots, but I didn’t have an account for ages.… Continue reading

blossom strong

I love that, in winter, I can still head into the garden and see beautiful patterns and shapes, tenacious plants growing through all conditions: