winter colouring

It’s that time of year again, when the ratio of tripod to tourist reaches an all-year high. Walking slows to mooching and no-one is actually looking at where they are going, rather to… Continue reading

moving home

So I left yesterday, graduated of sorts, moved home of a kind. What has been my constant over the last four years now becomes a beautiful backdrop to a stunning chapter that has… Continue reading


Because I love the shapes in their simplicity:


Yesterday, I travelled on the Manly ferry, a brief interlude in a hectic week, a chance to try to assimilate the level of change that’s set in. And as I sat, up and… Continue reading

all creatures great and small

A little compilation of not-so perfect shots, but they make me smile:

streaky sunset

From the train, I looked beyond the shoulders of commuters and gazed out of the window. The view is always breathtaking, the sails of the Opera House morphing gently under the evening light.… Continue reading

autumn sun

Sometimes it’s good to strip life back to the basics: feel the sun on your back, feel the salt air freshen it all up, let the salt water wash away the grumbles and… Continue reading

be soft

Taken with slow shutter and, clearly, no tripod yesterday, but I still love the shapes and colours. Will be back to mini collections soon, just not quite back in the swing of things… Continue reading

all heart


sky painter

It was a blissful way to unwind at the end of the day and the sky painter was out again.


So there I was, all impressed that I’m slowly getting myself back into shape, and then I spotted these guys….


Just had to share this little moment with you. A coiled leaf in a web is enough to attract my attention, luckily, otherwise I might have missed my breakfast neighbour. Can you see… Continue reading


When I was at uni, living in Halls as a fresher, I was serenaded most mornings for a semester. Whilst this may sound lovely to some, the honour was somewhat questionable. For the… Continue reading

in the market

There’s a fresh food market not far from home and it’s the closest I’ll get to Borough Market out here. I wandered, surrounded by sustenance at its most beautiful, and I smiled. I… Continue reading

from here

From here, each morning, I keep perspective. That work is just work, that every day I travel into a new day, environment and opportunity. From here, I remember the world is a gorgeous… Continue reading

storm swell

Not the best photography I’ve ever posted but I had to run back for my phone before the racing clouds ran past too fast. A few hours ago, I was lolling around in… Continue reading


It’s been busy, busy, busy and it means that I’ve stopped finding the little things to photograph each day. A shame, but even if I don’t grab a photo of something, I’m having… Continue reading

architecture texture

You’ll notice, I’m sure, I love lines and shapes. It’s what I was taught to look out for for photographs as a young ‘un, and I don’t think I could see differently now… Continue reading

bird on a wire

I forgot that I had these tucked away on my camera roll, but here they are to share now. I introduce to you the sulphur-crested cockatoo, stunning to look at, affronting to hear.… Continue reading