summer school

I studied all this weekend: pushing boundaries, debunking perceptions and re-wiring my brain. And as I underwent another mini-revolution once more, outside the sun shone and the coast smiled with glee. From the… Continue reading

from a distance

The drama ran high yesterday. Tales of giant storms and commuters fleeing water falling from the sky. Every cloud was ‘foreboding’ and every breeze the whisper of an incoming gale. It did rain… Continue reading

urban rhinos

If you wander around the city right now, you may be lucky enough to stumble across the most artistic of rhinos. Remarkably calm in the bustle that surrounds them, they are the epitome… Continue reading

through the drops

We have been spoilt recently, easy temperatures and sunny skies have eased us into 2014 without much ado. But finally, the rain has settled in, returning lawns to a lushness and the trees… Continue reading


There’s something blessed about being near water, even if I don’t get to go on it or in it as often as I like. There is something uplifting and affirming about the salt… Continue reading


You know when things run just a little too fast or hits pause without you realising? When the pace of things is just a little beyond your grasp? These are the images that… Continue reading

Lady Ting

Lady Ting is the queen of the cabana. We met her at lunchtime – four ladies sharing a lunch and stories, brought together by a curiosity about kinesiology. As we wandered past the… Continue reading

in spirals

Ever feel like things are cycling through a little? These shots kind of sum it up for me…


As the weekend nears and the rain clouds retreat, the colours are back in the world. To celebrate:

sun & sea

It was a blissful day in Bundeena. The sun shone and souls topped up on what they needed to flourish. The salt water welcomed all and soothed as only it can.

brewing fun

It’s called Little Creatures and it’s nestled amongst tourist eateries and boat yards in Fremantle, Perth. It churns out wonderful food for the hungry hordes as the next kegs ferment next to the… Continue reading


I know that some people hate street art, some people certainly thought I was mad taking photos of a wall. But I LOVED this huge expanse of imagination drawn large and bold. I… Continue reading


I like that those words sound almost identical. I like that something as simple as a tree can remind me to keep my eyes open to the beauty that surrounds me daily. I… Continue reading

little creatures

It’s officially been a year since I started blogging! Who knew… I remember how scared I was before I hit ‘publish’ for the first time, how ‘naked’ it felt and wholly superficial. It’s… Continue reading

looking up

There are a lot of us on here who like skies, so I feel somewhat vindicated in posting a plethora of Western Australian vistas of blues and clouds. May they wisp you away… Continue reading


Another mini instalment before my life returns back to normality… Don’t forget to celebrate each day, each beautiful moment, regardless of the date.

a sneak peek

I’m sliding on a slither of signal out into the edges of a Western Australia forest, so can’t rely on a full photo post. So here is a sneak peek of what shall… Continue reading

over land

Over land we headed today, west onto new territory for me. The flight took us across the southern coastline and I had prime spot to take you along with me. Head over farmland… Continue reading

bliss day

It was a gentle day, a day where I would tend to the little things. Here’s your window in:

a legend last

Well, this week brought me to my final gig of 2013 and my first Christmas gift to someone. I managed to get two John Legend tickets so I could take a friend of… Continue reading