’tis the season

It’s a mixed up, muddled up kinda time for me. Half of my inbox/ news feeds stuffed full of snow and winter warmers, the other with summer sales. It’s the only time of… Continue reading

silly shadows

It’s always fun playing shapes with clouds, but I discovered a new game a little while ago.There’s a chance that I am showing too much to a psychologist with this post, but I’ll… Continue reading

free. daily.

Today of all days, as an icon of humanity and democracy and a man known for so many achievements on behalf of others passes, here is a little montage of daily freedoms: things… Continue reading


We’ve just quietly slipped into official summer, and with the rains have come blooms galore. At the back of the garden is a giant pillow of prettiness:

road trip (part two)

You may have seen the drive up the coast posted earlier in the week. It was characterised by cloud and torrential rain, accompanied only by some spectacular lightening. The drive home couldn’t have… Continue reading

mynah tease

The mynahs and I are playing chicken. Who can hang around the longest and get closest to the other before they fly off. Today they got a little more cocky 🙂

road trip

Let me take you on a road trip. It’s a slightly unusual post but hopefully it’ll be a fun little ride. See if you can spot the point at which I decided not… Continue reading

breaking free

A photo captures a moment forever, a moment now passed and surpassed by a thousand others. The moment this beetle found freedom was over before I walked off the bus, but I am… Continue reading


Ballet was a huge part of my childhood. I’ve always loved dancing and there was nothing more special to me back then than my pink exam shoes and slip, nothing gazed at more… Continue reading

not black and white

It’s too tempting to split life into black and white, beautifully simplistic in its polarisations. Sometimes, we yearn for simple delineations of right and wrong. But then, there’s a whole world of beauty… Continue reading

like leather

B is for…

B is for a beautiful butterfly that slowly meandered through the air then established himself firmly on a branch to pose. And when I asked him to brave the strong breezes to allow… Continue reading


After all this time, I still love photographing her. I still love the angles and the curves, the shimmer and the matte.

no lens

Were this a photo of England, you’d be pretty safe in the assumption that today is chilly, rainswept and dull. What no lens can convey to you, across the digital ether, is the… Continue reading

not everyday

It’s not every day you get to see less usual characters or objects around. It all seemed a little anachronistic somehow… Like glimpses of days gone by plonked in the middle of a… Continue reading

natural romance

You know, the little beautiful moments so imperfectly captured but bring smiles. The ones that seem so fleeting and insignificant but that can bring smiles back. The ones that can fill you with… Continue reading


…. Looking at you, kid. He’s been popping over into the flowers for the last few days and he finally posed for me. Small things make me infinitely happy.

a royal day

That’s not a euphemism for a bad day, it really was a royal day. See!

in lines

A eclectic array of lines and curves to see you into the second half of the week. Finally there are blue skies ahead, but our thoughts are still with the bush firefighters who… Continue reading

let the sunshine

Always let the sunshine in