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elements for Miss B

Captured on the way to an event last night, it was just too beautiful to not send across the waters to those who can’t travel right now… Advertisements

sunsets for B

There are times that I play with filters to enhance. For these shots, I tweaked the images to get them as close to the beautiful reality that I saw. Miss B, you follow… Continue reading


Sometimes, when you tread the same ground each day, it’s harder to spot the little changes. The people change but the surroundings seem to less and less. But that’s rarely the case. It’s… Continue reading

iconic strength & romance

The beautiful thing about my place of work is that we get to share in some of the most stunning views sometimes. As I took these photos last night, a colleague/ friend exclaimed:… Continue reading

snapseed skies

The beautiful thing about ‘bad’ weather is the canvas it creates. And you’ve got to love an app that lets you try to play with a little of the texture, depth and colour… Continue reading