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Friday feeling

It’s as though, after the cloud of mourning that has descended over some of Australia this week, nature feels like she needs to remind us of our blessings. It’s an evening of sailing… Continue reading

a legend last

Well, this week brought me to my final gig of 2013 and my first Christmas gift to someone. I managed to get two John Legend tickets so I could take a friend of… Continue reading


Sometimes, when you tread the same ground each day, it’s harder to spot the little changes. The people change but the surroundings seem to less and less. But that’s rarely the case. It’s… Continue reading

snapping away at skies

Friday was a long but beautiful day. A long day in the office, followed by an event I had to host, then drinks to celebrate the imminent marriage of a lovely friend. As… Continue reading

not yet vivid

If this post strikes you as a little different (it does me), then this is because it’s a very unusual post. It’s unusual because, for once, the iPhone was the second camera. It… Continue reading

iconic strength & romance

The beautiful thing about my place of work is that we get to share in some of the most stunning views sometimes. As I took these photos last night, a colleague/ friend exclaimed:… Continue reading

a fair day

Still from Thursday: I finally set foot in Sydney’s Luna Park. The park was closed for our conference which was a little disappointing. Rides stood still and there was something slightly unnerving about… Continue reading

ferrying fabulousness

Yesterday morning included the ferry. I love ferries, there’s something about being on the water, with the fresh air. Of course, the cloudless blue skies always help. So to bring you some levity,… Continue reading

round the House

It’s been a busy weekend but the sun and spirits were high. Salt water always brings happiness and today was no exception. Sitting on the Manly ferry under a cloudless sky, I got… Continue reading