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It’s a beautifully tactile world in which we live. It’s all about how it feels to you. Advertisements


I like that those words sound almost identical. I like that something as simple as a tree can remind me to keep my eyes open to the beauty that surrounds me daily. I… Continue reading

looking up

There are a lot of us on here who like skies, so I feel somewhat vindicated in posting a plethora of Western Australian vistas of blues and clouds. May they wisp you away… Continue reading

not black and white

It’s too tempting to split life into black and white, beautifully simplistic in its polarisations. Sometimes, we yearn for simple delineations of right and wrong. But then, there’s a whole world of beauty… Continue reading

like leather


Sometimes, when you tread the same ground each day, it’s harder to spot the little changes. The people change but the surroundings seem to less and less. But that’s rarely the case. It’s… Continue reading

a little bark

Apparently, I’m obsessed with bark – who knew! I miss living near gums but there are still some trees that just make me smile every morning


I think it’s funny how we can accept others with ‘warts and all’, and yet want our lives and selves to be linear smooth with no perceptible flaw. Rough edges are the character,… Continue reading